Why Lakeshore Financial?

A Vision...

Most people hope to be financially independent someday, some also want to their heirs to benefit from their good fortune – post retirement and estate preservation. Why? Because for every 100 people who start their careers… only four will achieve an income of greater than $50,000 per year when they reach normal retirement age (Stats Can 1983) and it hasn’t changed much since. In a nut-shell, people start out in life with the preordained result of failure, it’s human nature. People need all the help they can get and that’s why I formed Lakeshore Financial.

Knowing You

For most of our clients we also assist them in planning, preparing and filing their personal tax returns. This enables us to know most of their financial matters as well as minimizing their tax liability. Our acquaintance of our clients’ financial affairs is paramount for us to effectively contribute to the achievement of their objectives – perpetual financial independence, as perpetual as one can expect in this world that is. There are limitations.


We begin to assist you in designing and implementing a plan that realizes your goal. We realize a financial plan require choices and these choices must be clear, concise and knowledgeable. With this in mind, we spend time with our clients educating them on the various aspects of financial planning such as taxation, global economics, present and future values, etc.

What to Expect

Our prospective client can expect an initial battery of meetings to develop to the final stages of their personal financial plan. The initial meeting is to generally address their objectives and hopefully uncover any problem areas that have or may be manifesting. Also at this time some of the hard information may be gathered such as names, spouse, children’s name, birth dates, income, etcetera. The initial meeting and the early meetings are primary for me to interact, feel, understand in order to eventually actualize what you really want to achieve for you, your family and fellow business or other people.


Ivan Wismayer is a Certified Financial Planner. You should know that as a Certified Financial Planner I am a licensed by the Financial Planning Standards Council of Canada (FPSC). This is very important as CFP mark identifies individuals who are dedicated to a high level of professionalism in providing financial planning consultation.

Furthermore I have taught the CFP course of Wealth Accumulation to some of the students that belong the Financial Advisors Association of Canada (ADVOCIS). Also I am a member of ADVOCIS, since 1979. I have earned the designations of Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) 1985 and Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) 1989.

“The good of all begins with healing thyself.”

What if you are not sick, well you don’t know unless you really look at yourself. Just as you see a doctor when you aren’t sick, in case that you may be – preventative medicine, then you see a financial doctor for the same reason. Makes sense?

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